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An Affordable Alternative To Dental & Vision Insurance
Do you think dental and vision insurance is too expensive? If you answered "yes", read this!
Here is an affordable alternative! Now you can get dental and vision care for a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance plans. If you are self employed, unemployed, or your employer doesn't provide dental and vision benefits, you can get low cost dental and vision care through a discount benefits plan.
Discount benefits plans are not insurance. There are no deductibles, no claim forms, and no long waiting periods- coverage can start in as little as 2-4 days! Pre-existing conditions are not a problem. They're eligible under the plan. Plus, there are no annual maximums or minimums and no referral is required to see a specialist!
The discount dental plans cover routine visits, specialty work, orthodontics, and even some cosmetic procedures. These plans cover up to 50% of the costs, which is more than most individual or family dental insurance policies would pay in the first year.
Discount dental plans cost over 12 times less than most dental insurance policies. Instead of paying $100 per month for dental insurance, you can enjoy the benefits of a discount dental plan for as little as $79.95 per year.
DentalPlans.Com offers a variety of plans. You can choose a plan with just dental benefits for $79.95 per year for individuals and $149.95 per year for a family. OR you can choose a more comprehensive plan like UNI-CARE 200. The UNI-CARE 200 plan offers discounts on dental care, prescription drugs, vision services, chiropractic care, and hearing devices! The UNI-CARE 200 plan is only $109.95 per year for individuals and $159.95 per year for a family. The family plans cover all permanent members of your household regardless of their ages and relationship to you.
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